Would You Like Me To Generate 3-5 Qualified Leads For You Every Week For  Real Estate Legal Services with No Ad Spend Involved and 100% Guaranteed?

If You Have No Idea How To Generate New Clients Into Your Real Estate Law Practice And Are Ready To Fix That Problem Right Now With Nothing New To Learn...Keep Reading

If you want to generate a serious volume of new Real Estate Investors every week into your business...and when I say every week, I’m not joking!

How do I do this?

I did it by leveraging the most powerful, most overlooked and most underutilized business tool ever...LinkedIn.

And before you say I tried that and it didn’t work...I’m telling you...I generate my own leads using LinkedIn for my own businesses. Since you are reading this page, you are proof my strategies work. You see, your biggest advantage right now is that human beings are herd animals and the herd is currently obsessed with Facebook.

Faceboook, Facebook, Facebook.

That means LinkedIn is pretty much off everybody’s radar. It won’t be that way forever though. 

As soon as word gets out the herd will stampede and the opportunity is gone

It’s like penny clicks on Adwords back in the day...Early adopters made a fortune, the herd got crushed.

So here’s the thing, Facebook is a not a B2B platform

B2C, yes, it can work...if you want to sell T-Shirts with fluffy animals on to teenagers, go for it but do you really think you’re going to reach the Director Of Online Security for a bank through a Facebook Ad? Get real!

Facebook is not the place to connect with serious decision makers who want legal services from you!

Let’s look at another example, I live in The United States and I’ve worked with Chiropractors in the past...there are approximately 49,000 Chiropractors in the United States.

How many of those do you think are going to click on an Ad on Facebook? 

I can tell you the answer because I’ve tried it...It’s about none!

LinkedIn on the other hand, virtually all 49,000 Chiropractors are on there and they’re all contactable directly through Linkedin.

Let’s talk options for a Real Estate Law Practice To Generate New Business

  • Adwords

    $30+ per click plus crazy competition from your Reach Locals and other big players who all are willing to charge less than you and spend more than you to get the client you want.

  • Facebook

    OK, I admit it can work but you’re using a hammer to drive a screw here, it kinda works but it’s not the right tool, plus you’ve got big adspend and A LOT of maintenance to keep a campaign working. Not to mention just one popular training program right now on “how to get digital marketing clients” has over 6000 members, all being told FB is the way to do it, and that’s just one, there are piles of these programs. Remember the herd? Talk about competition, is this really where you’re going to put your eggs?

  • Direct Mail

    Love it, works great but here’s the downside, very expensive and very labor intensive. You have to buy a list which is probably crap and very expensive...or build the list yourself which is time consuming. Then it’s a mail house which again is big bucks or peel and stick all day long….lots of fun!

  • Email Marketing

    If you want to send 20,000 emails to get a few responses fair enough. Laws are getting tougher, response rates are at virtually zero...not a well thought out plan at all as anyone doing it well knows.

To summarize...Adwords is crowded, very competitive and ultra expensive. Facebook is complex, becoming ever more expensive and has a limited B2B reach. 

On top of this, all these methods have one thing in common (besides the cost and risk) and that is the fact you have to be a master at copy to even stand a slim chance at success.

If you’re not an accomplished copywriter...You’re simply swimming upstream, against the current with the rest of the herd.

Now let’s look at LinkedIn in Contrast

Connects Business Professionals

It’s designed with the sole purpose of business professionals connecting with other business professionals to do business...It’s built as a dedicated prospecting tool for crying out loud.

Sales Letter & Landing Page Built In

It’s has a built in Sales Letter and Landing Page...Your Profile! It has all the benefits of direct mail with none of the painful side effects! 

100% Email Deliverability

100% email deliverability. If you send 10,000 emails, good luck getting more than a handful actually into the inbox before you get shut down. With LI you have 100% deliverability...It’s truly amazing...and it bypasses the ever increasing spam laws in countries like Australia, Canada and the UK where you just really can’t send cold email legally.

Crazy Precise Targeting

Not only will LinkedIn find the exact prospect you’re looking for, down to the smallest detail, you can also then contact them directly...no info@ or sales@ emails that are just a waste of time.

So what have I got for you today?

For those who want serious results and don’t want to take two years to figure out how to get them I’m offering to do the whole LinkedIn Lead Generation process for you!

Here’s what I’ll do…

  • Write your profile and headline

    so your account becomes a sales letter not a bedtime story to put people to sleep.

  • Prospecting

    We’ll reach out to 50-100 of your ideal prospects everyday.

  • Communication

    We’ll message your ideal prospects with tested proven copy that’s produced 1000’s of clients and millions of dollars. No trial and error here.

  • Following Up

    We’ll follow up until they say they’re interested or they go away.

  • Lead Expectation

    You can expect 5-7 qualified leads minimum every week of ideal prospects, these are people who have booked a call or are asking you to call them directly. 

  • NO AdSpend NO Hidden Expenses

    We’ll do all of this for a set monthly fee with no ad spend and no hidden expenses.

That’s the equivalent of a sales team calling 50-100 prospect every single day. The value is truly immense for anybody who has the good sense to see it!

LinkedIn is a use it or lose it platform

You’re allowed to contact a set number of people every day but if you don’t do it today...it doesn’t carry over until tomorrow.

Let’s say you’re allowed 100 per day. If you only contact 30 today you don’t get 170 tomorrow, no, you get 100 again tomorrow.

You need to be maximizing what you have available to you if you want numbers like mine.

I’m putting out big numbers consistently, because I’m prospecting big time consistently, not a little here a little there.

You’re probably thinking I’ll do this myself and I’m cool with that...

But let’s just be honest, are you really going to do this everyday...religiously, or is this just like a new year's resolution...You’re 100% committed to this until 3 days from now when you’re not committed any more?

Because the key to success is consistency

We’ll do this for you everyday, not just the days when we feel like it or the days where we’re not too busy to do it...that way you know it’s getting done.

It all comes down to one question...how many prospects know about you this week who didn’t know about you last week?

5? 10? Zero?

Can you see why you’re not getting the business you want?

What about if 700 people know about you this week who didn’t know about you last week...what would that look like?

What about if 2800 know about you this month who didn’t know you last month...are you starting to see some of the foundations of how you add $12 million in a year in Real Estate Clients?

If you do..then I’m here to help, I’ll implement the EXACT same process I use and do it all for you as a “Done For You” service".

There’s a link below for you to book a call with me or my team if you know this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Now before you book let me be clear as to what is going to happen on this call…

You are going to make a decision and it’s either going to be “YES, I want this” or “NO, this is not right for me”.

If the answer is “YES” I will expect you to move forward now...not in a few days, not in a week, not after you get back from vacation.

So if you need a business partner. Spouse etc, to make a decision with, please make sure they are available for the call you schedule.

Anything other than a “YES” on the call is a “NO” and that’s final. 

The demand for this is HUGE and I’m simply not willing to play email tennis for 4 weeks while you can’t make your mind up.

Money loves speed!

Again, just so we’re clear...there’s no obligation for you to move forward but you will have one chance and one chance only to do so, so please come prepared.

That might sound harsh but here’s what I promise in return

I promise if we work together I will not waste 1 second of your time and I fully expect the same courtesy in return.

If you can’t or are unwilling to make a decision to move forward on the call IF this is right for you...I can’t work with you.

Like attracts like so it’s best you know what I’m like now :)

So if you’re ready to take control of your business then book a call and let’s rock and roll!

Everybody else...I love you and I wish you all the best :)

Clients Love Us!

Ed Haas

Tom is about integrity; I appreciate how direct Tom is with me. He does his research and he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear everything is based on facts which has saved me a lot of time and aggravation within my business. He has never tried to take advantage of me. He has prevented me from making many errors with my online presence and I am truly grateful for his services, he always has my back. I will continue to refer him to anyone that needs his services. His expertise is second to none and will continue to work with tom in the years to come.

Jose Haywood

2 Jokers Trailer

Thomas’ expertise and direct approach has helped us with our digital presence and we are glad to have used his services. When I get my new business under way Thomas is the first person that comes to mind to handle my online presence and emarketing systems.